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        [CPCA·Express] CPCA and SEPCA visited the electronic circuit industry chain enterprises in Shanghai

        The last stop came to the CPCA governing unit and the Shanghai Printed Circuit Industry Association governing unit-Shanghai Yamazaki Circuit Board Co., Ltd.
        General manager Liu Jiting and deputy general manager Wu Xiaoyu introduced us to the current company situation of Shanghai Yamazaki: after the strategy change of Shanghai Yamazaki company, it is currently undergoing reconstruction and expansion, and has developed many 5G related products, including automobile, antenna and industrial control industry, high frequency, 5G communications and automotive electronics. During the exchange, the environmental protection issues encountered by manufacturing companies in Shanghai were also discussed.

        Secretary General Zhang Jin also communicated the "Standard Conditions for the Printed Circuit Board Industry" to Yamazaki during the communication process, hoping that they will be at the forefront of industry standards in the expansion and expansion. President Liu expressed that Shanghai Yamazaki will hope to take root in Huaxin Town in Shanghai for a long time and do well in the enterprise.
        At the end of the exchange, the association hopes to communicate more information in the future to understand the latest development status and new technologies of the enterprise, and actively strive for the special application of the project guide to truly help the development of the enterprise.