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          Shanghai YKC Corporation, located in Huaxin Town of Qingpu District, Shanghai, specialzes in manufacturing,researching and developing 2-layer and multi-layer printed wiring boards. Established in 1992, with registered capital of 16 million dollars, the total investment amounts to 27.92 million dollars.

              equipment and technology to manufacture PCB board from Japan, providing high quality printed wiring board for customers both domestic and abroad. Equipped with CAM system from ORBOTECH based in Israel. With HP900/700 work station and LP5008E laser photo plotter. We can check and revise the workmanship according to customer’s PCB file, also make whole sets of photo plotter film and software needed by CNC equipment. CNC can accept design files: EMMA、GERBER、PENTAX、S-500、S-1400, etc. Photo plotter accuracy  6.2um, the maximum area is 939X609mm,equipped with NC drilling machine and router introduced from Hitachi, the maximum and minimum hole diameter is 6.35mm and 0.1mm respectively.
              The core concept of our company is “ focus on human, motivation, team spirit and pursue for excellence”. We insist on providing excellent service, satisfy customer’s demanding needs. We tried our best to make better products. We offer service for our customers using first level profession, dedication, service attitude and diligent work attitude.